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Analog prints

Eight Eleven Press is a one-owner letterpress shop in northern California.

❝I'm not slow—I'm deliberate.❞

I sell prints to support my letterpress habit. At this stage in my life, custom work and wholesale orders are not in my wheelhouse. I just like to print. I like to play with my founts and sling some ink.

    Other things you should know:

  • All items are hand-set, and hand-printed.
  • Not everything that shows up on my Instagram feed is listed for sale.
  • If you ask me to sell, trade, or barter my Instagram handle, I will probably block you.
  • Most items ship via USPS Parcel rates, which inlcudes a tracking number. For alternative shipping arrangements, please contact me prior to purchase.
  • If you want to be the first to know about items available for purchase, please sign up for the newsletter below. I promise not to spam your inbox, as I typically only send about 4 notices per year.
  • Note: due to the nature of letterpress work, some slight variations in the ink and impressions are common – but that's also what makes each print unique.
  • ...the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow.